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Palazzo Previtera is the only Etna Living Museum.
Bed and Breakfast. Four rooms and two rural cottages.
Unique format of residences and rental services that
tell the history of a unique family at the slopes of Mount Etna.



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+39 095647386  | +39 3296876373

Palazzo Previtera
Via D. Alighieri 24 Linguaglossa 95015

Palazzo Previtera presents the Solo Uva project 25 February 2024

2024-02-22 08:26


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Palazzo Previtera presents the Solo Uva project 25 February 2024

Solo Uva - February 25, 2024 - Palazzo Previtera

Palazzo Previtera , a historic building on Etna dating back to 1649, hosts the first edition of the Solo Uva project, under the direction of Romain Cole, photographer of French and Italian origins, producer of wines on Etna. Palazzo Previtera has a long winemaking tradition that dates back to the foundation of the first Etna DOC in 1968 under the guidance of the engineer Antonino Previtera. Engineer Previtera, as he was called by his collaborators and friends from Etna, founded the Cantina Ave in Linguaglossa, an acronym for the Etna Viticulturists Association, and created the first bottle of Etna Rosso Doc with the name Ragabo, the forest surrounding Linguaglossa and the other towns Etna. A link is thus created between the world of natural wine and the history of Palazzo Previtera, which however is expressed in a contemporary key. Each Solo Uva story tells a different winemaking project, linked to sustainability and each label offers a message of cultural and social activism.

Solo Uva, will be a day dedicated to good wine and good food, thanks to the collaboration of the Enoteca Naturale restaurant in Milan, Chef Gianmaria Errico and the 18 producers from every corner of Europe, who will come together to celebrate the world of natural wine.


Romain Cole , who coordinates the project, explains to us what Solo Uva is. Solo Uva is not the "exhibition" of a terroir, but demonstrates a vision of a unique approach to the world of wine. He sets himself a precise objective, a purpose, a vision: to create authentic wines without adding anything else. And while success is not always guaranteed, we highlight here some successful examples in the history of wine production. This may seem arbitrary to you compared to the (excellent) quality slightly sulfured cuvées that we have all produced. In any case, when it comes to emotion and philosophy, there is nothing comparable to drinking a wine produced exclusively from its grapes. The first requirement to participate in Solo Uva is to present a wine of your own production made with a 100% natural method. No added yeast, no sulphites, no fining, no filtering – this is the basis of our approach. [It doesn't matter if you have years of doing this or that, that's not the point.]. Solo Uva celebrates the natural and additive-free wine approach, without wanting to reward the best. The request I make of you is therefore to respect this approach and to bring your wines produced without any intervention. You will not be subjected to any checks; trust is the mother of all virtues. The only losers are those who exploit and manipulate concepts. If your wines do not meet these criteria, we ask you to be honest. We say what we do and do what we say. Just grapes and that's it. I loved natural wine for its heroic producers, on the front lines against climate change and capable of guiding the grapes from the vine to the bottle without adding anything other than attention and time. The risk you take is high, but the result is extraordinary. I came to Sicily and Etna to perpetuate the work of natural wines in my "corner", and make it mine. I'm not a fan of clubs , but I believe there is strength in numbers, in the pleasure of being together and in the conviviality that comes from it. That's why I decided to organize this fair to celebrate local and international natural wine. I would like it to be a family celebration in a spiritual place where natural wine producers and the public eager to experience the joy of drinking healthy, free and vibrant wines can come together for a day.

Romain Cole


List of producers and country of origin

Anna Serra & La Salada (El Pla del Penedès, Catalunya)

Garden Cellar (Avellino)

Domaine Le Petit Oratoire (Valliguières)

Edoardo Blanda (Milan)

Fabio Signorelli (Linguaglossa)

ColeRinger Gardens (Randazzo)

Gloria di Paola (Milo)

Kalma Wines (Chiaramonte Gulfi)

Les ânes ailés (Banyuls-sur-mer)

Nerina Cardile (Solicchiato)

Pierre -Edouard Robine (La Courbe, Normandie, France)

Racina Wines (Villa San Giovanni, Calabria)

Simon Gastrein (Rhone Nord

Vinyer de la Ruca (Banyuls-sur-mer))

Vin B Agricultural Society (Vittoria)

Tanca Nica (Pantelleria)










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